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Lockdown Creative Photography Workshop (at home)

£75.00 GBP

If you're facing self-isolation and want to brush up on your photography skills, or need something to distract you and relieve the boredom, I have some new remote learning packages to keep you occupied. Over the course of 2-weeks I will set you accessible photo challenges to do in your own home and garden. Then you'll send the finished images to me for individual critique and personalized feedback. Video one-to-ones also available if preferred. I have designed three separate tutorials:


This tutorial centres around a visual diary, which you will create by taking pictures on a daily basis. Support and encouragement will be given through discussions to help you refine your photographic technique. This tutorial will help you become clearer about when and why you photograph, and show you how to make engaging pictures from ordinary everyday moments.


Your garden is teeming with life and should not be neglected photographically. I will share basic photography skills and tips on using a range of camera equipment, from DSLRs to smartphones and add-ons. I will discuss common problems you may experience when photographing your gardens and plants, such as harsh light, wet weather, and cramped spaces, and more specific advice tailored to your needs. This tutorial is for anyone who wants discover the magical environment living just outside their home windows.


This tutorial is focused on the making of photographic portraits. You can choose to take self-portraits, or photograph someone you are living with. We will discuss what makes an engaging portrait, the use of background, natural lighting, and direction. The tutorial’s main objective is to leave you with a technical knowhow that you may apply within your own practice.



How long does each tutorial last?

Each tutorial is 2-weeks long, enough time for me to guide you through a number of photo assignments and give constructive feedback.

How many tutorials should I book?

As many as you would like. Each 2-week tutorial is designed to give you ample time to gain enough skills and techniques to take your photography to the next level.

Where do the tutorials take place?

In light of coronavirus/COVID-19 and social isolation, I am offering remote tuition in the confront and convenience of your own home.

When do the tutorials take place?

We can begin immediately, or arrange a suitable time based on your own schedule.

Do I need to do anything beforehand?

Nothing. Once you've booked I shall get in touch to arrange a chat about the content  and timetable of your tutorial.

Do I need anything?

A DSLR or Bridge digital camera is recommended. A newish smartphone would also work.

I have some questions, how do I contact you?

Please e-mail me at and I'll help. You can also telephone me on 07496947806 and speak to me in person or leave a message.

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